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Discovering New Zealand as your destination for studying, working, and settling offers a multitude of opportunities. Navigating this journey involves securing a student visa for education, exploring career prospects, and understanding residency requirements. Our comprehensive guidance aims to streamline your path toward achieving your aspirations in this vibrant and welcoming country.

Study in New Zealand

Reasons Immigrants Choose New Zealand


 New Zealand is renowned for its high quality and innovative educational approach. Here are some key points:

New Zealand

New Zealand’s education system typically follows two major intakes:

  1. Semester System:
  •    First Semester: Starts in late February or early March and runs through June or July.
  •    Second Semester: Begins in July and ends in November.
  1. Trimester System:

   Some institutions follow a trimester system with three terms: 

  •      Term 1: March to June
  •      Term 2: July to October
  •      Term 3: November to February

It’s essential to check with specific institutions as some might have additional intakes or different schedules for specific courses or programs.

New Zealand

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New Zealand

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Total Expenses for a year in the New Zealand as a student: 

In New Zealand, the total expenses for a study visa for a year depend on various factors like tuition fees, accommodation, living costs, and additional expenses. On average, it might range from NZ$20,000 to NZ$40,000 or higher for one year of study.

Working Rights

In New Zealand, international students with a valid student visa generally have the right to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during scheduled holidays. 

After completing their studies, students might be eligible for a post-study work visa, allowing them to work in New Zealand for a certain period to gain practical work experience related to their studies. The duration of this visa can vary based on factors such as the level of qualification attained and the location of study.

PR Programs 

Here are the main PR programs in New Zealand:

  1. Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)
  2. Work to Residence Visas
  3. Family Category
  4. Investor Category

General FAQ

How do I apply for a student visa in New Zealand?

To apply for a student visa, you'll need an acceptance letter from a New Zealand education institution, proof of financial support, and a valid passport. The application is typically submitted online through the Immigration New Zealand website.

Can I work while studying in New Zealand on a student visa?

Yes, students in New Zealand with a valid student visa are usually allowed to work part-time during the academic term and full-time during scheduled breaks. There are restrictions on the type of work and the number of hours, so it's important to check the latest regulations.

What healthcare options are available for international students in New Zealand?

Most international students in New Zealand are required to have health insurance. Some universities offer their own insurance plans, while others may allow students to choose private health insurance that meets certain criteria.

How do I open a bank account in New Zealand as an international student?

You can open a bank account in New Zealand once you arrive. Bring your passport, student visa, and proof of address. Many banks have specific accounts designed for students.

How can I extend my stay in New Zealand after completing my studies?

New Zealand offers various post-study work visas that allow international students to work in the country after completing their studies. The eligibility criteria depend on the level of qualification and the duration of study.

What are the entry requirements for New Zealand universities?

Entry requirements vary by university and program. Generally, you'll need to submit academic transcripts, proof of English language proficiency, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. Check the specific requirements of each university and program.

How can I find accommodation as an international student in New Zealand?

New Zealand universities often provide on-campus housing options, and there are also off-campus housing, homestays, and shared housing options. Many universities have housing services to assist international students in finding suitable accommodation.

Are there scholarships available for international students in New Zealand?

Yes, New Zealand universities and the New Zealand government offer scholarships for international students based on academic achievement, research potential, and other criteria. Additionally, there are external scholarship programs.

Can I travel within New Zealand and to other countries during my studies?

Yes, you can travel within New Zealand. If you plan to travel to other countries, ensure your student visa and travel documents are in order. Be aware of any travel restrictions or requirements.

What transportation options are available for students in New Zealand?

Public transportation, including buses and trains, is available in most cities. Some students also use bicycles, and car rentals are an option. Many cities offer student discounts on public transportation.
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