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PTE Exam Preparation Course

The Pearson Test of English (Academic) is an English language proficiency test, which is specially designed to assess the ability of non-native English speakers to take part in a university-level English language instruction program. It offers candidates the faster, fairer, and most flexible way of proving their English language proficiency for study / work abroad or immigration purposes. PTE is an entirely computer-based exam. It has four sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. The score of PTE is scale-based which is from 10 to 90. The validity of this score is two years.

Note: PTE is available only in a computer-based format.

What destinations can you fly with PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is accepted in every part of the world such as Australia, UK, USA, Canada, and New Zealand where English is the first language of communication.

Exam Structure

Time has changed

The PTE Academic tests your reading, writing, and speaking proficiency in English. Hence, your preparation must be strategic which can help you build knowledge and skills to accelerate in all patterns of this exam.


Speaking and Writing





Duration: 3 hours.

PTE Speaking & Writing: 77 to 93 minutes (Summarize written text: 10 minutes, Essay: 20 Minutes)
PTE Reading: 32 – 40 minutes
PTE Listening: 45 – 57 minutes

Detailed structure:

Section: Speaking and Writing

  • Duration: 54 – 67 minutes
  • Personal Introduction
  • Read Aloud
  • Summarise Written Text (10 mins)
  • Essay (20mins)
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Re-tell Lecture
  • Answer Short Question

Section: Speaking and Writing– An audio is recorded on the computer in the speaking section. The test taker does not have the option to play more than once. Everything is recorded as it is a computer-based exam. The test starts with speaking which contains six small sections that assess the promptness over speaking. The speaking task has a Personal Introduction, Read aloud, Repeat Sentences, Describe Images, Re-tell Lecture, and Answer short questions. As speaking ends, writing starts. The PTE Writing has two parts: summary writing and essay writing.

ielts reading

Section: Reading Section: Reading

  • Duration: 29 – 30 Minutes
  • Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
  • Re-order Paragraphs
  • Reading: Fill in the Blanks
  • Multiple-choice, choose a single Answer

PTE Reading: PTE Reading is an analysis of reading and vocabulary as well as reading and writing together. Reading has been majorly divided into five segments: Multiple Choice Choose a Single Answer, Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers, Re-Order Paragraphs, Reading (Fill in the Blanks), and Reading and Writing (Fill in the Blanks).

PTE Test uses a lot of collocation, start working on them. It will help you a lot in all four sections.

Section: Listening

Duration: 54 – 67 minutes

  • Summarise spoken text
  • Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
  • Fill the blanks
  • Highlight the correct summary
  • Multiple choices, choose a single answer
  • Select the missing word
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Write from dictation

What we offer

  • Effective teaching, practice materials, and tips are crucial to your successful journey
  • 100s of authentic and reliable practice materials
  • Live Classes with a PTE Trainer
  • Writing and Speaking Evaluation
  • One-and One Online Live Class
  • Weekly and Monthly Mock Tests
  • Computer adaptive mock test

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Effective teaching, practice materials, and methods are essential when it comes to PTE Preparation.

The methods of Immi Talks are formulated to get you the best results. We have developed strategies and techniques by the veterans of this field so that you’ll know the best way to answer all the different question types and deal with the modules when there is a need for time management.

Our teaching methods are researched and tested, so with the guidance of our training team who will help you throughout your course you can be sure of getting the scores you need.

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