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Online Spoken Hindi Classes in India

Why Choose Us

Interactive Learning

Engaging and interactive sessions that encourage active participation.

Experienced Instructors

Experienced tutors who offer guidance tailored to individual needs.

Practical Approach

Focus on real-life conversation skills and practical application.

Varied Resources

Diverse materials, including multimedia resources, to enhance learning.

Small Class Sizes

Optimal class sizes allowing for more personalized attention.

Progress Tracking

Regular assessments and feedback to monitor student progress.

Spoken Hindi Courses in Tamil Nadu & Kerala

Pricing Plan

Trial Session

Rs. 20 only 1 Session
  • Mini Assessment
  • Language Tips
  • Interactive Activities
  • Q&A session
  • Live Conversation Practice
  • Sample Class

Group session

Rs. 4000 / Month
  • Group Discussions & Debates
  • Tailored Curriculam
  • Role- Playing Exercises
  • Individualized Feedback Pronunciation Enhancement
  • Access to Language Cafe’
  • Vocabulary Expansion Exercises

1:1 session

Rs 6000 / Month
  • Highly Personalized Attention
  • Confidence Building Strategies
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Intensive Speaking Practice
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Targeted Skill Development
  • Focused Attention on Weaknesses

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➢ Presentation Practice

➢  Conversation Practice

➢ Preparation for Group Discussion

➢ Stand-alone speech 

➢ Preparation for every day activity

➢ Clarity in Accent

➢  Introduction of Hindi language essential skills

➢ Verbal aptitude

➢ Improve the Confidence

➢ Pronunciation

➢ Word stress and sentence stress

Spoken Hindi coaching

Rs 4000

Visa mastercard rupay
Spoken hindi classes in tamil nadu & kerala India

General FAQ

Why is Spoken Hindi important?

Spoken Hindi is important for communication in various social, professional, and cultural contexts, particularly in India where it's widely spoken. Proficiency in spoken Hindi can enhance opportunities for travel, business, and cultural exchange, fostering better connections with Hindi-speaking communities.

How can I improve my Spoken Hindi skills?

Enroll in our online spoken Hindi course, featuring interactive lessons, pronunciation practice, vocabulary building exercises, grammar instruction, listening comprehension activities, and feedback opportunities.

Are there online resources for learning Spoken Hindi ?

Yes, there are ample online platforms, such as language learning apps, websites, and You Tube channels that offer Spoken Hindi lessons, tutorials, and practice materials.

How can I overcome the fear of speaking in Hindi ?

Start by practicing in a supportive environment, such as with friends or in a language exchange group. Set small, achievable goals and gradually increase the complexity of conversations. Additionally, our online spoken Hindi course provides a safe space for practice and feedback, helping to boost your confidence in speaking Hindi.

Do I need to focus on grammar for spoken Hindi ?

Grammar is crucial but focusing on Spoken Hindi is effective communication.
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