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Employee Review

I am Rasmeen Kour, serving as a SELT trainer within our esteemed organisation. It brings me immense satisfaction to accentuate the commendable elements ingrained in our company's work ethos, particularly the harmonious synergy prevalent among our dedicated staff and adept management. My gratification stems from fostering an environment of collaboration while staunchly championing the rights and welfare of my colleagues.My unwavering commitment to fostering a workplace founded on fairness and inclusivity underscores my unwavering dedication to perpetuating principles of parity within our corporate framework. I am resolute in my aspiration to cultivate a workplace ambiance that harmonises seamlessly with the bedrock of our company's values.By channeling astute insights into our organisational culture and ardently espousing the virtues of collaborative teamwork, I am committed to being a catalyst for our collective progression. I take pride in personifying our company's core values and remain steadfast in my endeavor to fortify and elevate our shared ethos.

Rasmeen Kour SELT Trainer

I am Shishir Kharade, serving as the Marketing Head at Immi Talks. My journey with Immi Talks dates back to its inception, and I've witnessed firsthand the remarkable strides the company has taken under the astute guidance of its management. The visionary policies crafted by Immi Talks' leadership prioritize the welfare of employees, fostering an environment that encourages a sense of freedom and ensures sustained motivation, ultimately leading to outstanding results.Another noteworthy aspect is the flexibility offered here. We have the liberty to work from home, aligning our schedules as per personal convenience. This not only nurtures a thriving family life but also contributes significantly to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The resulting contentment enhances productivity and makes working with Immi Talks an immensely gratifying experience.

Shishir Kharade Marketing Head

Things to Consider For WFH Job at Immi Talks


Laptop or PC is a fundamental requirement for all employees to perform tasks

Stable Internet Connection

Stable wifi connection is vital for uninterrupted work


Use headphone or earphone with build in mic for stable audio input & output

Noise Free Zone

Ensure you are in silent and well lit environment with no noise and distraction

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