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20 Best TOEFL Accepting Universities in the UK & Minimum Scores

Are you an international student dreaming of studying in the United Kingdom? One crucial step towards achieving that dream is acing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Many universities in the UK require TOEFL scores for admission. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 20 TOEFL accepting universities in the UK and their minimum score requirements. Additionally, we’ll touch upon the significance of preparing for TOEFL, especially through reputable courses like those offered by Immi Talks, recognized as one of the best TOEFL institutes in Delhi and Jammu, India.




Before delving into the specifics of universities, let’s understand why TOEFL is essential for international students. The TOEFL assesses non-native English speakers’ proficiency in the language, evaluating their reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Achieving a high TOEFL score demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively in an academic setting, which is crucial for success at universities where English is the primary language of instruction.


Best TOEFL Courses in Delhi & Jammu, India


Preparing for TOEFL requires dedication and proper guidance. In Delhi and Jammu, India, aspiring students can benefit from excellent TOEFL preparation courses offered by Immi Talks. With experienced instructors, comprehensive study materials, and interactive learning methods, Immi Talks stands out as one of the best TOEFL institutes in the region. Their tailored approach helps students achieve their target scores and opens doors to prestigious universities worldwide.


Top 20 TOEFL Accepting Universities in the UK


Now, let’s explore the 20 best universities in the UK that accept TOEFL scores, along with their minimum score requirements:


1. University of Oxford – Minimum TOEFL Score: 110

2. University of Cambridge – Minimum TOEFL Score: 110

3. Imperial College London – Minimum TOEFL Score: 100

4. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – Minimum TOEFL Score: 100

5. University College London (UCL) – Minimum TOEFL Score: 100

6. University of Edinburgh – Minimum TOEFL Score: 100

7. University of Manchester – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

8. University of Bristol – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

9. University of Warwick – Minimum TOEFL Score: 92

10. University of Glasgow – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

11. King’s College London – Minimum TOEFL Score: 100

12. University of Southampton – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

13. University of Sheffield – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

14. University of Birmingham – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

15. University of Nottingham – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

16. Durham University – Minimum TOEFL Score: 92

17. University of York – Minimum TOEFL Score: 87

18. Queen Mary University of London – Minimum TOEFL Score: 88

19. University of Leeds – Minimum TOEFL Score: 87

20. University of St Andrews – Minimum TOEFL Score: 100



Achieving the required TOEFL score is the first step towards gaining admission to your dream university in the UK. Proper preparation through reputable courses like those offered by Immi Talks can significantly enhance your chances of success. Remember, scoring well on the TOEFL not only opens doors to top universities but also ensures you have the language skills necessary to thrive in an English-speaking academic environment. So, invest in your future today by enrolling in the best TOEFL courses in Delhi and Jammu, India, and start your journey towards academic excellence in the UK!

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